My trip to Ghent, Belgium

Ah Belgium – you’ve wooed me over with your chocolate and beer!

Last week, I went to Ghent, Belgium, for a work conference and I couldn’t resist writing about it – it’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to and here’s why:

  • Chocolate (food was great… but you can’t beat chocolate!)
  • Beer (especially fruit beer… yuuuum!)
  • Shops
  • Architecture
  • Culture
  • How friendly everyone is

Prior to me going, I did some research (which you can find on my Travelling board) but these are some of my favorite pins that gave me some prep before heading off;

The Gravensteen Castle in Ghent, Belgium, standing tall since the Middle Ages. The castle was used a fair bit as a film location, the latest being the 2015 movie “Emperor”, starring Adrien Brody.

Belgium‬ ‪Travel‬ Cheat Sheet; Sign up at for high-res images.

Belgium’s distinctive cuberdon candy: a violet coloured sugar cone containing a thick raspberry syrup. Not exported outside the country.

Lindsey McWhinnie offers an essential cultural guide to the historic Flanders port, where beer and bicycles reign.

If you think that from those pins alone, it’s a beautiful city, then you won’t be disappointed!!

Myself and a work colleague traveled on the Euro-star from London’s St. Pancreas, which was a first time for both of us. After a very quick 2 hours (I honestly expected to be in the tunnel much longer!!), we arrived in Brussels, Belgium.

Given that on 23rd March the world saw another vicious terrorist attack on Brussels, it was a nervous time to be travelling, but also the safest. When we arrived, there was security everywhere to ensure the public was safe. That put my mind at ease, but also made me realize that although it has been a tragic event, we can all stand united with the community and the world together – these terrorists will not win.

After another train journey from Brussels to Ghent (30 minutes and 9 Euros… not complaining!) we arrived to Ghent! Admittedly we did get lost at the train station but managed to find the way out and grab a taxi to the hotel. After a quick freshen up, we headed to Vooruit for a drink with the conference the night before, before grabbing a bite to eat at a little steakhouse, Little Amadeus, across the road – which I absolutely loved the steak!! I’m not usually a steak sort of girl, and my colleague is a veggie (FYI – it was her choice to go to the steakhouse!) but I would go again if I went back to Ghent.


Vooruit – Arts centre dating back from 1910.

Over the next couple of days, as well as having lots of yummy food and networking with other professionals in the HE sector (if you want to read more about my work – you can find it here) I got the chance to walk around the city and take some photos. I think you have to go to really appreciate the beauty of the city – even if you accidently discover that your hotel is near the Red Light District…

10426772_10154062462248559_1364801811430309520_n 12294705_10154065317703559_2805044518969192829_n 12321335_10154065315613559_7429626834150771063_n 12417528_10154065314313559_5847841561687531068_n 12417554_10154065319063559_7850691693287326268_n 12439347_10154062449728559_5312663016222228425_n 12439464_10154062459788559_5866738203846694256_n 12472429_10154062407423559_4439695672840171027_n 12512767_10154062455413559_7023722742224889253_n 12472756_10154065321388559_7836361607803593205_n 12472583_10154065319283559_4933303980975093330_n 12523953_10154062465808559_3509619905224578105_n 12670897_10154062450398559_5494001050780821126_n 12717872_10154059880748559_2553769198202557928_n 12919811_10154062461378559_8655738213434418416_n 12670725_10154059885158559_3823595844943757833_n 12670482_10154062455873559_3976215479340451578_n 12524235_10154065316363559_487774559917439233_n 12923120_10154062467118559_2440783339983446238_n 12928171_10154062457288559_1547620500357219059_n 12928342_10154062455583559_4173134633753281744_n 12923319_10154065314568559_2056332806915094963_n 12924409_10154059881498559_213932246569720294_n12936684_10154059879863559_8709103974201326748_n


Have you been to Ghent? What’s your favourite place there?

11th April 2016
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