Top 5 things I’ve been searching on Pinterest

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I could while away the hours, conferrin’ with my laptop, consulting with Pinterest…

It’s been a while since I’ve gone back to my roots of the blog and done anything Pinterest specific! Just more sharing experiences with some references to Pinterest.

So after running a Social Media Workshop at #HEYLaunch, the HEY. Bloggers first official event we held since forming this year, I got thinking about how I use Pinterest. If I need some inspiration, rather than going onto Google – Pinterest is my alternative. So in this post, I’m going to share the top 5 things I’ve been searching for on Pinterest.


It’s been a year since my first tattoo “Getting Inked” – and now I’m itching for another!

This time, it’s going to be part of a matching set me and my one of my closest best friends are getting. B is usually away for 6 months or longer working on cruise ships, so you can imagine when she’s back home we’re stuck together majority of the time. We’ve been talking about getting matching tattoos for a while so I decided to do some research on small tattoos. We’ve agreed to have a ladybird on either a dandelion or lavender piece – watch this space for an update on the tattoo!



I know quite a lot of people who do yoga and I’ve never been phased about it. I have no balance and I’m not flexible. However, on Friday I attended my first ever Yoga class with B & T at Humber Street Gallery… this class was different. Not only was it on the rooftop… but you could have a drink with it! Helloooooo Gin and Tonic and Upward Dog!

After the class, I realised that it didn’t matter whether I was flexible or not. It was relaxing and fun! So I’m actually going to try out Yoga for a bit longer. I’m looking into classes but thought I would check out some Yoga moves in the comfort of my home.



I’m still not quite over my recent trips to Aarhus and Utrecht, so I’m imagining where my next trips may take me. However, B has suggested for our next trip to go to Prague, before she leaves me for another 6 months (waaaah!) so I’m doing some research on the beautiful city in Czech Republic before we start booking… I’m so excited!!


Recently I had a photoshoot as part of HEY Bloggers first workshop with Olivia J Photography – and can I say that this girl is INCREDIBLE with her photos! This is my preview and I’m so stoked to see the rest – I recommend you checking her work out.

Prior to the workshop, I was unsure what to wear or what sort of poses I wanted to do. It’s always something I struggle with even when going for casual photos with the HEY Bloggers gang. So I use Pinterest as a reference to potential ideas of what I would like to try out. Not only am I booking in for another shoot with Liv, but I’m also going to do some with my friend A so he can practice more behind his camera – but while Pinterest is giving me the creativity I want, it’s the confidence I really need to build.

Home Decor

I’ve been in my current house for 4 months now and it’s becoming my home – I’m able to do so much with it! Although the last couple of months have been crazy busy with work, travelling, HEY Bloggers and just life in general, when I do get chance to I like to decorate with furnishings and decor. Ideally, each room will have their own theme e.g. living room: yellow and grey/bedroom: greys and blush pink.

In my living room, I have a mantlepiece where a fireplace would have been – but instead there’s tiles and a vent. It’s the only eye-sore in my living room so I’ve been researching on Pinterest about decorating non-working fireplaces. Roll on payday!


So there you have it – my top 5 searches!

What have you been using Pinterest for? Comment below!

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26th August 2018
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