There’s No Place Like Hull


We’re certainly not in Kansas!

Last month, I appeared as a guest post on Just Around The Riverbend which is owned by the lovely Nikki Louise – in this post, I talk about why I’m proud of Hull and the many things we have which makes us Hull. You can read more of the post here. It was a great opportunity to write about the City of Hull – a place I’ve grown up in all my life.

Then, just a couple of weeks ago, an amazing opportunity came up in the Hull Daily Mail where you can recreate a scene from a movie using Hull locations, as part of the Hullywood Icons Project. This was created by Lens Artist Quentin Budworth, who wanted the people from Hull to be anything they want – an example could be an elderly couple recreating the lift from Dirty Dancing.


After seeing this, I emailed him with a couple of ideas, but the one we decided to go with was The Wizard of Oz – an all time favorite of mine! Who would turn down the opportunity to be Dorothy? Not me!

So how did I achieve the look?

Time to put Pinterest to use! I looked at Dorothy’s looks and replicated;

  • Her hair
  • Her poses
  • Scene possibilities… with a bit of a creative flair!

With these, I sent them to Quentin to see what he thought of it – spot on! Sometimes it can help with a visual aide to see what you want to achieve.

Next – the costume! Thanks to Amazon, not only did I find a standard Dorothy type dress… but I purchased the BEST shoes in the world! Slightly big for my little feet… but I am absolutely in love with them. I’ve always wanted my very own Dorothy shoes – I could justify going to work in these right?!


On the Day

Despite being hungover from the previous night – I literally jumped out of bed and started getting ready!

img_6166 img_6163

I met Quentin in the Black Boy Pub (while I was sheepishly putting the shoes on and slowly revealing my disguise – much to the punter’s shock!) and we walked around Old Town – this was perfect for getting the brick road, but also to get a shot of the City of Culture Building. We even got the bike in shot!

We took a few other shots from when the house lands in Oz and some more on the Docks – but this is by far the best photo! I absolutely love it 🙂


The final exhibition will be projected onto the buildings in the City Centre during the first week of January 2017 – what a way to kick the City of Culture vibe off! You can find out more of what’s going on for Hull 2017 here.

If you want to view more of the Hullywood Icons, from a female Rocky to Elf eating in the Vintage Cafe,

then click on the address below

18th October 2016
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