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Happy February!

The beautiful Caz has started a blogger’s tag for all the splendid bloggers out there – and following her #SplendidBloggers post, I was lucky enough to be tagged in it! Want to join in? Simply follow the rules:

  • Answer these 6 blogging related questions (see below)
  • Share a blog post you are proud of, don’t forget to link it too so we can read it.
  • Name a blogger you have been loving recently and a little reason as to why.
  • Share a blogger’s Instagram account that everyone needs to follow and again, a little reason why.
  • Tag 5 other bloggers and let’s spread some blogging positivity around!
  • If you share your post on Twitter/Instagram, don’t forget to hashtag #SplendidBloggers so we can read them all.

So sit back and enjoy reading!

1. Why did you start blogging?

3 years ago, I wanted to start a hobby – something I would actually stick to! So after looking into blogging and throwing Pinterest into the mix, I decided to create The Pin Picker. My very first blog post was It’s Time For A Hobby. Back then I had very short hair!!
Since then, I use it more as a hobby rather than a money-making source. Don’t get me wrong, an extra source of income would be fantastic, and for bloggers who do this as a job (part time or full time) I salute you! But right now I don’t have the time – especially with a full time job and volunteering commitments! But for now, it’s something I really enjoy doing.

2. Has your blog changed much since you started?

Not so much of the content – but the design of the blog certainly has! I’m one of those people who likes to have a change every so often! Though I do wish changing themes was as easy as the good ol’ Myspace days (it probably is but I’m a bit lazy…)

3. If you could pick any brand in the world to work/collab with, who would it be?

This is hard! If I was to work or collaborate with a brand, I would be happy with just the promotion of it rather than the money side. It’s not all about the freebies, but developing networks and opportunities to build skills in writing and communication would be amazing.
In short though, I would like to collaborate with Primark (I spend enough money in there!), H&M (again another store I spend a lot of money in!) or PaperChase (for ALL the stationary!)

4. Who is someone you have become friends with due to blogging?

I can’t really choose ‘someone’ – there’s a community of them! A lot of the Hull Bloggers I know either through meet ups or we happen to already know each other (Hull is a very small world) but there’s others on Twitter who I occasionally keep in touch with and respond to if they either ask a general question or need a virtual hug.

5. The one piece of advice you would tell yourself when you first started to blog?

Don’t compare yourself to other blogs. It’s not a competition and if anything, we should all be supporting each other – everyone does a blog for their own reasons. Either it’s a job, therapeutic for the individual or a hobby. What matters is that you enjoy doing it.

6. What are your blogging goals for the next few months?

  • To do at least one blog post a month
  • To stop being lazy and schedule tweets to promote my posts
  • Explore more content than just Pinterest (but still use it for Pinspiration!)

My proudest blog post

There’s No Place like Hull – this was following a guest post on Just Around the Riverbend  where I wrote about my love for my home city. Since this post, I had the amazing opportunity to re-create Dorothy for the Hullywood Icons and it hit local and national news. It was for the start of Made in Hull (Season 1) of Hull as UK’s City of Culture 2017 – and what a year it has been! It’s not the end of culture as we know it in Hull though… so watch this space!

Spreading the Blogger Love!

I would have to say Jemma from Dorkface – her blog posts and products always make me smile and I love reading them. I’ve recently purchased the cutest ghost t-shirts by Jemma for Hannah and I – I cannot wait for it to arrive!

Spreading the Instagram Love!

ok – I’m going to be completely biased here. But you seriously have to check out Hannah’s instagram (@hannahpalmerart) – she posts so many amazing art work which is available to buy or commission. 

Now it’s your turn!

The final part of the blog is my favourite – as it means I can read everyone else’s posts! So I’m going to tag Amy, Ashton, Violet, Courtney and Alice (fellow Hullians!!) – go and check their blogs out too.

Remember to use the hashtag #SplendidBloggers to see more posts from fellow bloggers. Again, thank you Caz for putting this all together!

Until next time!

10th February 2018
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