What’s the Impossible List?

I found this not from Pinterest (shock horror!) but from Joel Runyon who came up with the concept here. My aim, is to tick off my achievements and reference this to any blog posts that I write about so you can see how I’ve done it. You can also find my Pinterest board dedicated to it here



Go to the gym 3 times a week

Attend a fitness class

Run 5k – completed in July 2016

Run 10k

Exercise every morning

Practice yoga

Complete Pretty Mudder



Write a paper on Inclusivity

Start an MA in Education, Inclusion & Special Needs

Complete Associate Fellowship in Higher Education – Completed in July 2016

Complete Fellowship in Higher Education

Present a paper at a Conference 

Present at a TEDX event

Start a podcast

Develop social media presence for work

Develop a theme for my Instagram account @thepinpicker



Declutter home

Eat healthier for 1 month

Cut down sugar in tea

Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Stop taking anti-depressants

Have a tech detox day



Get back into sketching

Complete a sketch book

Complete a colouring book

Practice Calligraphy

Improve my handwriting

Improve my photography



Learn to play Ukulele

Learn to play guitar

Learn to play piano

Learn how to take photos manually



Go to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day

Travel around Italy – Pescara & Rome in 2015

Travel around Greece

Go to the Starry Beach in the Maldives

Travel to America to see my family – 2003, 2005/6

Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Went in 2008 and 2009

Travel to Australia

Travel Europe – Ghent 2016Bergen 2015



Read a book a month

Read in bed

Write 4 blogs a month

Reach 100 blog posts for The Pin Picker

Schedule 30 tweets on @thepinpicker

Do 5 collaborations with bloggers