Tattoo: Getting Inked!

Another thing to tick off my list… plucking the courage up to get a tattoo.

For those who know me, I cannot stand needles and blood – anything gory on screen (even though I know it’s just food colouring and syrup) makes my stomach turn! I’m even worse with pain – so you can imagine I’m a nightmare if I have to get blood taken.

As a kid, I once got my ears pierced and took them out straight after – my mum was not impressed as I did ask for them to get them done in the first place. However, I’ve always wanted a tattoo – something small. So why now? And why this design?

Well it’s a funny story… so when I was 19, I broke my wrist which didn’t heal properly. So I had to have a bone graft operation – they took a chip of my hip bone and pinned it into the gap where the bones in my wrist were not fusing together. Hence why this is my “hippy wrist“!


Ahem… anyway – so after thinking a lot about the design and looking on Pinterest for some inspiration, I knew exactly who I wanted to do my first tattoo and just by chance he has some space available on my week off work!

Chris, who is a tattooist in Big Rob’s Studio 31, has been a good friend of mine since we were kids in youth theatre. In each of our walks in life, we’ve been to the same college for performing arts, worked on the same shows and had many mutual friends. He’s been tattooing since 2012 and has been the artist behind my friends’ ink works – so I was very confident in having him do my first tattoo.

Amazing right? If you’re in Hull and fancy getting a tattoo done by him then contact him on [email protected]!

On the day

So after a couple of days doing some mock ups and looking at how it would look on my wrist (using InkHunter), it came to the day. I hadn’t told many people about this so it was a secret tattoo – and I even went down to the Studio on my own! You’d think I would start getting nervous and freak out a little – but there wasn’t one part of me that was scared. Even when I got there, Chris instantly made me feel relaxed so there was no way I was going to turn back!

I was expecting the pain to be much worse – when researching online about tattoos on wrists and speaking to people, I got very mixed responses. Some said it hurt and some said it didn’t. Now remember that I can’t stand pain – yet it just felt like scratching – a lot of scratching! Some parts were tender, but to be honest, we were talking all the way through and I just kept taking deep breaths!

After about 40 minutes (felt much quicker) – it was done!


To make sure your tattoo doesn’t goes messy afterwards, here’s some tips:

  • Keep the cling film/bandage on only between 3 to 6 hours
  • Don’t submerge the tattoo into water (i.e. baths) – if you wash it, use antibacterial soap and pat it dry
  • Don’t peel the skin off – it’s tempting (believe me!) but you’ll only affect the healing process
  • Pat it dry, and let the air get to it
  • Keep it moisturised – there’s plenty of products out there that can help, but the best one so far is Lush’s Dream Cream – not only does it smell beautiful but it’s been known to help very dry skin in general!



It’s been very positive with the odd query of “why now?” (well why not?) – I even got a positive reaction from my Grandma who hates tattoos! In fact, when I went to visit her the other day, she thought it was a sticker on my wrist. It wasn’t until I told her where she looked at it closely and replied “Oh… it’s quite nice – I forgive you.”

Now – will I get another tattoo? Maybe… just got to make up my mind what I want and where!


Want to get some Pinspiration on Tattoos? Have a look on my board here: Tattoo – leave a comment about any tattoos you have/planning on having.

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28th August 2017
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