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I bit the bullet… and joined Slimming World.

It started with talking to two of my friends who have joined Slimming World and had shown me some recipes, which looked very tasty! However, when I looked into it further, I thought it might be worth trying out. When it comes to my own weight, I knew I wanted to loose a bit of weight and was starting to feel self conscious. Baggy clothes are not only comfortable but also great for hiding my lumps and bumps. In addition to this, I also wanted to break bad habits – having an office job means you will snack on anything, especially when it comes to sugar.

So I joined with my two friends – and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Getting the resources and listening to others share their experience of their food habits and offer advice was heart warming and supportive. My friends had said that the first week was going to be a challenge – I didn’t realise how hard it was going to be! You don’t realise how everything all adds up. I’m not talking calories – the perks of Slimming World is you don’t count those. You have unlimited free food, healthy extras and then syns.

Week 1

Immediately I switched my sugar to sweetener, and bought soya milk instead of my usual semi-skimmed milk. I was dreading how it would all taste but I was pleasantly surprised at the difference. I’m such a sugar fiend so I’d happily have 2 large sugars in my tea!

I was working on graduation so when it came to planning food, it went way out the window! Things like prosecco, orange juice (I was horrified at that!) and even custard creams when we were having a break. However wherever I could, I would go for the healthy option. Salad became my best friend – and was more conscious in adding speed food (or as I was calling them – super food!) but I was still so hungry!

There were some things that I learnt the hard way, such as soya milk needs to be the same temperature as the coffee otherwise it will curdle… my usual Friday “treat yo’self” coffee was undrinkable as it was just a big blob of curdled milk. I’ll stick to semi-skimmed for that…

Result in the first week? Lost 3lb!


Week 2

Chuffed to bits with my 3lb loss – I started getting a bit too confident. Plus it was my first week of annual leave so each day, while I stuck with my alternatives, I also indulged in some naughty treats! Possibly the worst day for it all was Saturday – I had a healthy breakfast and lunch… but the rest of the day was alcohol and cheesy garlic bread! Oops! But despite having a bad week – I still managed to loose 1lb!

It was during this week I started to experiment with slimming world recipes. One of them was the weetabix muffins, which while my first attempt was rushed, it did help me going when I needed a snack and haven’t had any healthy extras:



Week 3

I’ve been better this week – a couple of naughty moments, such as cheese and wine night and going to a gig (which resulted in me getting drunk and having a one night stand with a cheesy pizza!) but it’s made me realise what my bad habits are, and able to plan my meals a lot better. better breakfasts, healthy dinners and ensuring I’m including my speed foods in my meals!

My favourite meal this week was the chip bake – slimming world chips are amazing! I cooked it for Hannah as she was home alone this week and we decided to have a sleepover – a healthy one at that!

Chip Bake – slimming world chips, baked beans (free) and eggs (free) all baked in the oven with frylight.

Frozen yogurt with cherries and rasberries


Pinterest Board

From knowing where you can buy syn free meals to creating your own recipes – I’ve created a board all dedicated to it! Check it out here: Slimming World – Food. For more information about joining Slimming World – here’s their website:

What’s your favourite meals to cook? Share your recipes in the comments below!

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29th July 2017
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