Revamping the bathroom

I live in a rented house and there are some days where I always say “I will get round to decorating that room…” – it took me a whole year to eventually get round to painting my once hideous terracotta chimney breast in my living room to a nice duck blue egg that didn’t scream in my face – matching nicely with everything in my living room… Bliss.

So eventually I got round to doing the bathroom – I had quite enough of the patchy, sickly peach and cream colour. Although there wasn’t a lot I could do with the floor (apart from dress it up with a bath mat) – I turned to Pinterest for some ideas.

I could have gone for white… always a safe option… but I wanted something to standout rather be quite bland. I couldn’t really do it with blue… mainly because most of the house is blue if it’s not a cream or brown colour! But then I saw this – and I wanted it more than anything!Grey BathroomThere was a part of me, however, that felt a fully grey bathroom may a.) be a bit too intense and b.) annoy my landlord in case I moved out and he had to re-paint it!

Luckily my bathroom is quite small – so I thought I’d do the feature wall as grey and the rest of the bathroom as white. With matching grey items such as grey towels (so fluffy!!!) and getting rid of mis-matching cups – it looks so good!!

As of now, all I need to do is gloss the frames and wooden panel around the bathroom – not much of a priority as I’ve only recently had a light put back in after accidentally touching the extractor wire with the light wire… candles are quite romantic for baths and such, but not quite the same in the morning trying to get a quick shower before work!! We did have a lamp in there temporarily… but the boyfriend accidentally broke that too.





Next step (aside from the gloss) is looking at storage properly for the bathroom… but I’ll get round to that…

10th February 2015
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