Pinspiration: DIY Candles

There’s nothing so relaxing than having some candles on while watching a film or having a bath.

My living room, bedroom and bathroom all have candles in, and if I’m stressed out or just want a night to myself then these will all be lit! They’re a mixture of lavender for my bedroom and bathroom, and vanilla in my living room – mmmm!!

The other day, while browsing through good ol’ Pinterest – I realised that making candles is a.) cost effective and b.) REALLY simple to do. So… why not give it a go?

What did I need?

This handy chart shows what you need for the basics of making candles – click on the image to see 30 different ways of making candles if you don’t want to use crayons (and they’re all so lovely!)

What did I need to do?

1.) Mix and Match








Firstly, I organised the colour of the wax crayons and the wax melt to go together – as well as the colour, the wax melt also provides a lovely scent to the candle!

2.) Melt the wax















I tried two different methods out – the first attempt was with the microwave but it took SO long, that I dashed out to the shops and got some emergency cupcake cases (silicon ones) and they worked a lot better in the oven than the microwave.

  • Microwave – 3 mins at highest setting and keep stirring until all smooth
  • Oven – 10 mins at 150c until all melted

3.) Making the wick stay in place







Some pins say about using hot glue to stick the wick to the bottom but unfortunately I don’t have that (add to Amazon basket!) – however, I learnt a little trick that rather than pouring all the wax in, I add a little bit in the bottom of the jar first, let it dry and then pour the rest back in. To hold the wick in the middle until it all dried, I had two kebab sticks hold it in the middle!

Photo 29-08-2016, 12 01 40






And here they are!

I’ve had a lot of fun making these – so much fun that I’m going to do a giveaway for your very own candle – The lucky winner will get to choose the colour and scent!

Simply share this post and tag me on Twitter @thepinpicker, and I’ll do a draw by Sunday 4th September 12pm.


29th August 2016
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