Online Dating: A Whole New World

It’s time to go into the world of online dating – no more singing “All By Myself” into a bottle of wine while crying into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

Ok – maybe that’s taken slightly out of context… but it is time to move into a whole new world of online dating. Online dating is a hit and miss with us all. Sometimes it works; example a. my parents who are happily married and are the best of friends – but sometimes it doesn’t work; example b.) just watch an episode of Catfish and you’ll see what I mean.

Becoming officially single since before Christmas, the thought of online dating was terrifying! For one, I’m a bit too picky when it comes to dating and tend to get so nervous that I clam up and never speak to whoever I’ve matched up with; sorry guys if you’re reading this – typical line of it’s not you… it’s me. But another aspect of it is – what the hell do I put in my profile?! I’ve been experimenting on sites like Tinder and PoF since December/January but now it’s time to take it a bit more seriously.


Prior to this post, all I had on my profile bio was;

Hi, I’m Emma and I love cups of tea, cheesecake, seeing my friends and family and do some blogging 🙂

Total catch right? NOT.

To be honest, I’ve had some interesting outcomes from this – on one dating site, I had someone write a whole essay about my glasses and how I should thank the guy who made them, who was contemplating suicide (I kid you not – completely offensive to me and a complete turn off). awkward1

On another dating site – I had the choice of a cheesy pick up line, a typical hello and a rap battle. Again, whilst that guy had some good rhymes, he was no Prince Charming… (Disclaimer: I did download a rap app so I could brush up on my rap skills… which I never had…)










Anyway – back to my profile scenario. Taking to my best friend, she was giving general advice about online dating, but I did end up turning to trusty old Pinterest for some guidance on profile bio writing. And surprisingly, there was quite a few options out there – as well as some hilarious Buzzfeed articles about awkward conversations that make the above seem so mild.

Katie Paul, from Head, Health, Health stood out the most to me amongst the rest of the pins. I don’t know whether it’s because she seems like someone I could relate to in a lot of aspects (Stage Managers as one point!) but how well written her advice was on the series of writing an online dating profile.


Katie Paul @ Head-Heart-Health

Part 1: The Headline

Katie Paul suggests that rather than using a typical heading such as “Could you be the one?” – go with a quote to stand out. After searching on Pinterest through the 1000’s of quotes, I ended up going with;

Love is just a word until you meet someone who will give the word its definition.

Not as cheesy – but says a lot about me! I’m the sort of girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and I would rather wait to find the one rather than rush into something.

Katie Paul @ Head-Heart-Health

Part 2: The Opening

This time, rather than starting with “I’m… I have… I like… I dislike…” – Katie Paul suggests taking it from a different approach of someone else’s perspective. It says a lot if you’re saying your friends think you’re helpful as it shows to them that you are the sort of person to help others;

If you ask my friends on how they would describe me – they’d probably say I always put others before myself and help wherever is possible… and I can be a bit silly at times!

Katie Paul @ Head-Heart-Health

Part 3: The Middle

This is the section where you state what you’re looking for, according to the series. I think I would be setting some unrealistic goals if I said I wanted Jay from Tattoo Fixers to whisk me off my feet… but it’s not just about looks right??

I’m not looking for the perfect man – perfection is boring! If you’re funny then I already like you, and if you’re kind as well then I can’t wait to meet you. 

Katie Paul @ Head-Heart-Health

Part 4: The Finale

The contact part! Eek! This is the part I always trip up – I get so nervous that I’ll stop talking to guys. No idea why – it’s not like I’m still hung up over the last relationship and even my friends want to shake my shoulders while screaming “Why?!?” when they ask how it’s going with that hunky vet from York* and I shrug my shoulders to say I haven’t heard anything. So, in a way Katie Paul suggests throwing the ball in their court with a prompt.

If you think you’re that guy, please get in touch. But don’t worry if I don’t get back to you straight away, as I tend to be with my friends and can be slow at replying (I’m working on that!)

So now I’ve updated my dating profiles, let’s see if things make a difference! I’ll keep you posted – but thank you Katie Paul for putting in some confidence about how I should approach my profile for potential dates. If I do meet Prince Charming – you’ll be invited to the wedding if it happens!

*Sadly there was no hunky vet from York… sorry folks!!

Let me know in the comments your tips and advice on online dating! xx

27th March 2016
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  • Reply Katie Paul

    I’m so glad you found something useful in my posts. Good luck. I can’t wait to come to the wedding!

    27th March 2016 at 11:51 pm
  • Reply Lauren

    HAHA love this post. Have to salute you on your rapping skills too! I was on OKC a few months ago and there were some brilliantly awful convo starters. Probably down to the fact that I put I was good at making dinosaur noises \_(-^-)_/ probably could have done with this guide! 😛 x

    16th April 2016 at 8:46 pm
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