Why you need VSCO for your photos


Because every picture tells a story

I love taking photos – but I find the editing process so much more satisfying! To take photos, I use a mixture of my iPhone 6 and my Nikon DSLR camera but to edit my photos, I use VSCO.

What is VSCO?

VSCO is not only an editing app which is available on iOS and Android, but it’s a community of budding photographers who upload their images and tell their stories. You can create journals and upload your own images to share to the community.

You can see my images on here

What’s the editing process like?

So simple! So I could waffle on about how amazing it is but rather than doing that, I’ll show you the process;

Here’s my unedited picture of one of my favourite books and some props from around the house – very dark right? This was taken with my DSLR (and I uploaded it onto my phone using this handy device which is amazing!)


Once uploaded onto VSCO, I was able to brighten the image’s exposure up and play around the settings









There’s tons of features on this from sharpening the image, distorting the angle of the image or managing the skin tone in the image (if you have people in this).

The next stage is the filters – there’s a wide range of “presets” which are available for free but you can also purchase them for as little as £1.79 – or you can buy all of the preset bundle for £22.99. If you prefer Adobe Lightroom or Camera Raw when editing photos rather than on the iPhone/iPad, you can buy them on here

img_7203 img_7204 img_7205








Now, after some tweaks with the crop – here is the final outcome;

Processed with VSCO with m6 preset

How does this link to Pinterest I hear you ask? Well, there are tons of instructions of preset settings that you can replicate to get some amazing photos that even those insta-famous stars will be envious of!


So – why not give it a go and show your amazing creations?! You can find more VSCO preset images on my Photography Board

27th November 2016
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