Looking through the Pinterest Lens

Has anyone else used Pinterest Lens?

I accidently stumbled onto Pinterest Lens the other week and thought I would share this with you all. It’s a camera as part of the app where you can take a photo of anything around you, and the Pinterest Lens does all the searching for you.

Just as simple as it sounds! To access the lens, if you have an iPhone 7, you can hold down on the icon and access the lens directly. Otherwise, you can go on “Search” and click on the camera icon.










Then you just take the photo and Pinterest Lens does the searching!













You can also upload photos from your camera roll and it does exactly the same thing!

pinterestlens_4 pinterest_lens3





If you want more information about Pinterest Lens – you can find it on the helpful guide they have here. It’s still learning, so you may get some odd results! One example I had was taking a photo of my Macbook Case… it compared it to soap! Here’s a couple of things I have searched for using Pinterest Lens!













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13th May 2017
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