It’s time for a hobby…

img_2629Hello 2015 – it’s about time I started a hobby and actually stuck to it… but here’s the thing with me. I can be very picky – I’m not athletic in any way, so you can imagine my dismay at the suggestion of doing something sporty – not to mention how I’ve completely abandoned my gym membership! I’m more of an arty/creative but if it involves baking or cooking… then I wouldn’t recommend my cooking! I can just scrape through DIY moments all thanks to my Stage Management degree.

However… a few years ago I found Pinterest. At the time, it was when it was “invite only” so when I finally received the email to say I was officially invited to pin away, I had NO idea how hooked I would be.

Since then, I’ve pinned over 4,000 pins (I know…) but as much as I pin them and convince myself that I’ll give it a go – the truth is, I tend to forget about them after another couple of hours pinning (not in one sitting mind – in the course of a week perhaps…)

So going back to the hobby issue. I’ve been toying the idea of blogging for a while – but the problem went back to the same issue – what the hell could I blog about?! It wasn’t until a while ago where I was procrastinating from some work when it finally hit me; “Why not use Pinterest?!”

Yes – there’ll be a lot of blogs who will be based on Pinterest… but the purpose of this blog is to pick out some of the Pins I’ve been pinning and giving it a try, then reviewing it and reference back to the original source. So essentially, it’s like a review for pins – whether I’ve “nailed it” rather than “pinned it” or vice versa.

So hence “The Pin Picker” – NB: I’m not going to impersonate something coming out of Marvel or some horror/thriller.

You can find me on Pinterest here – but, welcome to my blog!

3rd January 2015
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