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“We are not put on this earth for ourselves, but are placed here for each other. If you are there always for others, then in time of need, someone will be there for you.” – Jeff Warner

Being part of a community helps foster a sense of belonging in many aspects. I look at it from a student’s perspective and how we can enhance their experience in Higher Education, but there also is a need for myself for a sense of belonging in my own community. Blogging and general creativeness is something I can channel my thoughts, feelings and emotions through, and now being part of a local blogging and creative community, I feel like I’ve found where I belong.

Every blogger is different, and sometimes the blogging world can be overwhelming. Too many a time, I see tweets and posts where bloggers and creatives feel frustrated and beaten down as they’re comparing themselves to others. But John Sennett raises a valid and important point – you’re unique. You have your own voice. Don’t feel pressure to do something you’re not comfortable with. John’s right. I mainly do this blog for a hobby – but at the same time, I also want to learn how I can improve. Whether that may be from writing content I’m comfortable with to experimenting with photography.

So what’s HEY Bloggers?

HEY Bloggers is a local community of bloggers and creatives in Hull and East Yorkshire (and further) where our aim is to be inclusive and welcoming to all.

No cliques. No looking down on others for whatever reason. Everyone is welcome. Everyone can join in.

HEY Bloggers are launching an event full of workshops and opportunities for networking on 25th August at Hull Minster, 1pm – 4pm. You can buy tickets here.

We’re also looking at doing future workshops, meet ups and more to encourage others to get involved. Sometimes it’s nice just to go for a coffee and take some photos together – that’s how the majority of the co-founders met up and came up with HEY Bloggers!

Being part of the co-founders of HEY Bloggers (Sounds like something from Hamilton – am-I-right?!), we decided to post some questions about our experiences and would encourage any other blogger and creative to join in! So feel free to copy and paste these questions for your blog or social media. Just a couple of things to know before starting.


  1. Tag @HEY_Bloggers in your twitter and instagram posts if using these questions. We want to promote your views!
  2. Feel free to tag fellow bloggers and creatives in your post. Help spread the word
  3. If you’ve taken this from someone’s blog – also tag them in it!
  4. Be honest and true to yourself 🙂

How, and when did you get involved in blogging/creating?

I started blogging as a hobby – mainly because of my love for Pinterest – but it was a way I could use my creativeness and write down my feelings, thoughts and emotions. In recent years, I’ve started branching away from trying things out with Pinterest and using it more as a lifestyle blog.

What does being part of HEY bloggers mean to you?

Prior to being part of the HEY Bloggers, I felt alone. There were other blogging groups out there but it was very cliquey, felt like I didn’t belong at events and it really knocked my confidence in joining future events as I was too busy comparing myself with them!

When a couple of us informally decided to meet up just to take photos and have a coffee a few months ago, the first thing that struck me was I wasn’t alone. These fellow bloggers either felt similar to how I felt, or were frustrated. As time went on, my confidence has grown, not only in my blog and photos, but in myself as a person. And that’s down to being part of this inclusive community.

What have you learnt since being part of a local community of bloggers and creatives?

  1. You’re unique – don’t compare your blog to someone else’s.
  2. How to use my DSLR properly!
  3. It’s ok to ask questions – there’s no such thing as a silly question.
  4. Creative ideas can come to you all over brunch!

What is your favourite part of being part of the HEY Bloggers community?

I love meeting up for photos – not only in our local city, but we’ve been on drives to the beach and gardens for them. Not only do I get to know others and be extremely lucky to call my friends, but I’m also exploring areas I wouldn’t normally go to. Plus the coffee is an added bonus!

What makes HEY Bloggers stand out?

I think what makes HEY bloggers really stand out is that we’re open, honest and always willing to give things a try! We also don’t fall into a particular category either – so it is not exclusive for bloggers, but for creatives such as photographers or artists who want to make contacts and have the same opportunities as us.

What things are you looking forward to for HEY Bloggers?

As well as the HEY Launch on 25th August, I’m really excited for more photo opportunities both behind and in front of the camera. We’re running a small workshop with photographer Olivia and would love to plan future ones!

What would you like to see more of from HEY Bloggers community?

I’d love to see more bloggers and creatives get involved, and build their confidence and friendships the same way I’ve been lucky to do so, so far!

How do I get involved?!

Follow the HEY Bloggers accounts, use the hashtag and drop us a line with an idea or if you just want to meet for a coffee and go for some photos 🙂

My tags

It would be the co-founders and amazing friends I’ve made from HEY Bloggers!

Violet | Ashton | Jenny | Alex | Amy

Until next time!

22nd July 2018
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