My #IdealHotspots: Bedroom

Goodbye to Summer nights, and hello to chilly starts!

I know, you’re resisting to put the heating on but let’s be honest – we can’t keep hoping the sun will come back like it did in the summer this year!

However there’s ways of making your home a hotspot for snuggling down while reminiscing those summer days. This blog post is in association with Ideal Boilers, with the focus of making your bedroom perfect for getting snug as a bug and getting a good night sleep!

Note: This is a sponsored advert, and links with * have been bought for the purpose of this post.

My bedroom

Having moved a few months ago into my house, I’m still getting things together to make it exactly how I want it. However, the bedroom is always my number one priority! It’s the one room in my house which helps me properly switch off from all the stress and hustle of the day. And with the next couple of weeks becoming absolutely manic with work and blogging – it’s even more important that I have my bedroom as a place I can focus on me.

Here are some things that make my bedroom an ideal hotspot:

Blackout Curtains

I sometimes do nightshifts or long days at work, so the last thing I need is getting in bed at 5am in the morning, and be woken up by the sun at 8am! Plus the curtains can help moderate the temperature of the bedroom.


We spend on average a third of our lives asleep, so having a good mattress is important – your back will thank you! I’ve got a memory foam mattress with some softness to it (I like to think I’m sleeping on a marshmallow!). The same goes for the duvet and pillows – at the end of the day, everyone has a different preference to what they sleep on!


If I’ve had a stressful day, lighting some candles will make my bedroom into a safe haven and help melt the stress and anxiety away! Disclaimer: Make sure you don’t leave your candles unattended!!

Calming colours

For the bedroom, I’ve gone for a light grey and blush pink theme with my soft furnishings, with white furniture. The bonus about grey is that if I get bored with the colour pink, I can shift it to purple – grey just accompanies everything! Check out my Pinterest board for calming colours for the bedroom.


There’s no such thing as too many blankets – I have two boxes of them in my house! Though I have to say, the soft velvet throw I bought this weekend from Wilkinsons* is SO warm and thick.


I love all types of pyjamas – shorts, fluffy, onesies, big t-shirts – I’ve probably got them all! Nothing beats getting into a fresh pair of pyjamas after a hot bath and getting snuggled into bed. This pair of pyjamas from New Look * are incredibly soft and perfect for lounging around the house in.

Hot Drinks

I ensure I don’t have caffeine at the end of the day as I’ll be awake all night – so I opt for a Pukka Night Time drink – a dreamy bed of organic oat flower, lavender and lime-flower. Not only is it quite tasty – but so soothing as well!


My go to moisturiser is the cult favourite Sleepy by Lush. This stuff is magical! I always put some on the back of my neck, hands, arms and my feet – and off to sleepy land I go. What’s really exciting is that Lush have now released a Sleepy Shower Bomb so you can use that in the shower, then get into bed and drift off!

Essential/Aromatherapy Oils

Anything lavender and peppermint will help chill me out! I use oils to massage into my pressure points or spray on my pillows to send me off to sleep! I found these aromatherapy oils in TK Maxx* and they’re already blended to apply to your pressure points. Perfect after a long day!

Switching off

This is a hard one for me – I use my phone as my alarm clock! However, I’m teaching myself to not look at it at 2am in the morning, and ensure it’s on don’t disturb so if someone does get in touch – I’m not going to be rudely woken up by the buzzing of my phone, and they can wait for a response until the morning.

Something to cuddle

I’m like a koala bear when I’m going to sleep – I have to cuddle onto something/someone. Even when I’ve shared a bed with a friend, they’ve woken up to me hugging them! So while there’s no guy in my life (cue Celine Dion’s “All By Myself”) Eeyore will have to do! I do also have a heat up Bagpuss for when it’s REALLY chilly, and my Bingo Bronson for when I’m not well!

Making your bedroom a haven for sleep

Consider some of the following to making your bedroom the ideal hotspot for you:

  • Ensure there’s no clutter in the bedroom – that includes the floor-drobe that’s piling up in the corner. Take 5 minutes out to remove the clutter.
  • Remove electronics from the bedroom – while it is tempting to scroll through Instagram at 2am in the morning, the electronics disturb your sleep pattern, making you really groggy! If you need your phone in your room – then put it on Don’t Disturb and discipline yourself to not look at it if you suddenly wake up at 3am!
  • Make your bed – even if you’ve woken up super late for work, it’s something to look forward to jumping into when you get home.
  • Go for calm colours in your room such as blues, greys, pastels or neutrals.

What makes your bedroom your Ideal Hotspot? Comment below!


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9th September 2018
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