Happy Valentines Day: To me, from me

I love you… and you… and you… and Jake from Tattoo Fixers… and pugs….

Ok – enough of the lovey dovey stuff! So it’s Valentine’s Day – the day that you spend a lot of money to tell your significant other that you love them. The question is – should you not be doing that every day anyway?

Maybe I’m being a little bit bitter. I’m single this year and last Valentine’s Day is one I would like to forget as it was just a disaster. Note to all; if your partner at least puts the effort in on the day and wakes you up with a cup of tea, some little presents and cards – don’t say that you just don’t like valentine’s day and not even offer a card… of course your partner is going to be a little bit miffed off and be in a mood majority of the day! 

But in all seriousness, for us single pringles out there – it’s not the end of the world. Sure we’re going to see a lot of mushy stuff on Facebook to the point we’ll be planning our lives with 20 cats and convincing ourselves that the crazy cat owner look is pretty awesome, but it’s not just showing your SO that you love them just that little bit more. It’s about loving yourself too!

This year, myself and my friend C are the only single ones in our friends group – a few weeks back, C text me pointing this out and asked “fancy being my valentines?” – Why not?! We’re going full out – pizza, Netflixs, plenty of brews, maybe throw some Sims in there (we’re definitely mid 20’s… I assure you…) and even getting each other a little gift and card.

This got me thinking – Valentine’s day isn’t always about being in a relationship. Love is about caring for others no matter who they are. Friends, family, pets etc; most importantly, it’s also about loving yourself too. Sure it’s nice for some random flowers and cards turning up mysteriously, and it’s good to be appreciated by someone else (that is if they actually put the effort in – just a card! Not letting this go!!) – but it’s good to also love yourself. You can do all sorts to treat yourself;

1. Throw an Anti-Valentines Day Party

Buzzfeed – 24 Ideas for Throwing Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

2. Blare those tunes out!

POPSugar: Single Women playlist

3. Have a cheeky drink (not too much though… you don’t want a hangover the next day at work!)

4. Make yourself some edible cookie dough

Carrie This Home

5. Give yourself a card

Buzzfeed: Valentine Cards for single people to give to themselves

6. Pamper yourself


No matter what you do on Valentine’s Day – just remember that you are very special. And someone out there loves you!!

13th February 2016
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