Goodbye 2017 – Hello 2018!

How time flies! It only feels like it was yesterday I was writing my last new year blog post, saying goodbye to 2016 (otherwise known as the year that killed the good celebs off!)

So 2017 has been pretty rocky in terms of what has been happening in the world (come on – Trump’s President for crying out loud!) but looking back at what I’ve achieved, it’s not been too bad! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing what I achieved this year, and what I hope to achieve in 2018. In the true Pin Picker style, I also have a board dedicated to what I aim to do in the new year. But I’ll also be sharing some of the blog posts from this year for some light reading for you 🙂

My achievements in

  • Applied and started my MA in Education, Inclusion and Special Needs
  • Lost 1 stone thanks to Slimming World
  • Blogged at least once a month (this being my December post!)
  • Went to as many City of Culture events I could go to this year
  • Managed to get onto the news as Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) – DOROTHY guys!! *clicking the heels*
  • Ran a successful social media campaign for the Hullywood Icons project
  • Was a bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding
  • Joined the Hull Uni Angels to look after students on a night out (check out the twitter feed #hulluniangels)
  • Was the stage manager and designer for the local NHS pantomime
  • Faced my fear of needles and got my first tattoo!
  • Completed the 5k Pretty Mudder
  • Opened up about mental health, more in particular my anxiety (which is a pretty scary thing to do!)
  • Tried some more cooking
  • Began reading more books
  • Explored the art of conversations
  • Read more comics
  • Embracing the single life and learning to love myself
  • Made the switch from glasses to contact lenses!

My goals for

  • Loose one more stone on Slimming World (after my birthday that is…)
  • Write and present a paper about Inclusive Student Engagement
  • Finish first year of my MA
  • Take part in more obstacle and running races
  • Go on a Dutch Dash
  • Go to at least 2 EU countries before the UK divorces with Europe (damn you Brexit!!)
  • Perhaps another small tattoo?
  • Complete my HEA Fellowship
  • Develop a regular routine in the morning (and not snooze my alarm!)
  • Write more blog posts

In the meantime, I look forward to saying goodbye with my best friends and cracking open the prosecco! I wish you all the best for 2018 and thank you for supporting me by reading this blog over the last two years – here’s to many more blog posts!!

28th December 2017
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