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I’ll hold my hands up – I love comics. It could be Marvel or graphic novels – either way, I love reading through them!

With that, I actually surprised myself when I realised I didn’t have a Pinterest Board to share all the comics – outrageous right?! Well, not to worry as I rectified this – and here’s my top 5 favourite comics from Pinterest.


Very dark humour (sorry-not-sorry) but these always make me laugh. Only recently I discovered that they have a card game called Joking Hazard. If you like Cards Against Humanity, then you’ll love this! However, if this sort of thing makes you wince… then move on to the next comic…



Liz Climo has published books such as Lobster is the best medicine – comics about friendshipYou don’t want a unicorn and Rory the dinosaur. These are absolutely adorable!


Well – what can I say? My sister creates amazing art! While she’s just gotten home from University (welcome to the real world – get a job) she’s bee creating a lot of doodles, including this cartoon of our English Bull Terrier, Gypsy, and her love for cereal!


From my time working in theatre, I can certainly confirm that incidents (such as this one) do happen! This series of comics are hilarious and truly shows what it’s really like in Tech Week.


Either Cassandra and I are long lost twins or we’re living in a parallel world – but I can relate to her comics! From awkward encounters with crushes to dealing with my curls – Cassandra pretty much hits the nail on the head with them!

What’s your favourite comic? Comment below!

16th June 2017
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