Not Your Typical Christmas Tree!


I’ve been pretty excited to do this post!

It’s finally December – where has this year gone?! Italy only seemed like it was last week… not 5 months ago!

This year for Christmas, I decided to break my tradition for Christmas. Since I moved into my little house in 2013, I loved putting my Christmas tree and making my living room so festive. But over the years, I’ve revamped my living room, got new furniture and the space has gone considerably smaller than before. This includes a big chair which is amazing to sit in with the fire on… but no space to move it round the living room to fit a Christmas tree. Oh-uuuuh…

However, Pinterest have some interesting alterations to having a Christmas tree;

Alternative Christmas Trees – more examples on Moco Choco

I’m in a rented property so I can’t keep drilling tons of shelves or pallets into the walls, however there were some screws left in from when I moved in, and I got some temporary hooks which can peel off when I’ve finished with them.

Because my living room is so light with blues and creams, bright colours would stand out for the wrong reasons! So I went with gold, white and silver instead – these are the items I used (click on them to see them on Amazon and buy them!):

Merry Christmas

I love it! It took about 30 minutes to put up (including the precision touches!) and when it comes to taking it down after Christmas, it’ll just be as easy! Or I’ll create something else with it for all year long until next Christmas!

What happened to my Christmas tree? Is it sat on it’s own in my spare room feeling sorry for itself? Naaah… I gave it to my best friends for their new house, where they will be celebrating the first Christmas with  their adorable baby 🙂

This month, I’ll be trying out more Christmassy pins – if you have some suggestions, then give me a shout!

6th December 2015
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