Cheesy Egg Toast


There’s clearly something wrong with me… I’ve cooked food again.

If you’re a family member or friend who has experienced my shocking cooking – please sit down while reading this. Yes, I cooked – again. However, it was just for me this time so if anyone gets food poisoning then it’ll be me and it’ll be my own fault.


This simple dish is quick, easy and no one will get harmed in the process – not even pets*. It’s like Fried toast – except there’s no frying involved! It’s all oven cooked. I found this recipe only on Crazy Adventures in Parenting via Pinterest, though I had seen the video floating around on Facebook by Tasty.

What is in a Cheesy Egg Toast?

  • Bread
  • Eggs (1 per slice of bread)
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Salt/Pepper (to add to the taste)

All you have to do is create a indented rectangle in the bread for the egg to go in. I would recommend buttering the edges before putting the egg in, otherwise you might risk the egg white to escape! Add cheese on the sides (and even scatter around the egg) and pop it in the oven for 10 minutes on a medium heat.

prep egg before cooked

It didn’t go as perfect as I had hoped… only because a.) I was a bit stingy on the cheese (add more than you think you need…) and b.) I left them in a bit longer than anticipated and ended up drying the yolk up so it wasn’t dippy! But other than that – it went down very well with a nice cup of tea while listening to Spotify’s “Great British Breakfast”. Even if it’s nearly 3pm on a

*Disclaimer – my dog Poco was the first victim of my cooking back in 2002, and she had a stomach of steel! Thankfully she recovered… and it’s the only time I’m thankful I didn’t have a mobile phone for my mum to contact me – otherwise I would have been cleaning it all up…

Have you got any simple recipes you like to cook? Write a comment!

12th March 2017
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