The Best is Yet To Come


As if tomorrow is going to be 2017?! This year has gone so fast!

This post is a reflection on the last year, which has been tough for a lot of people. This year, we’ve seen a high volume of deaths in the celebrity world, and history changing moments such as Trump’s victory in the election. But we have all had highs and lows throughout the year – and they can make us who we are.

Personally, I’ve had a lot of struggles especially back in January where that whole month was a write off for me. But On reflection, I couldn’t have gotten through it without my friends and family. So thank you xx

As for the Pin Picker, it’s coming up to 2 years of doing this and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it – not only have I tried things out, but I’ve met some amazing bloggers along the way and I look forward to seeing more of their work! But most importantly, thank you for your support and reading this! I’m not a professional blogger, but I do like to make people smile with my posts 🙂

Some exciting plans are coming up for The Pin Picker – some of the following are;

  • Free Printables
  • The Impossible List
  • Reviews of Hull 2017 events
  • More collaborations with other bloggers!

Speaking of free printables – to kick it off for the new year, I made a new year banner via Canva for your New Year Party that you can print onto A5! You can download them here

I hope 2017 treats you kindly and is filled with love! Now it’s time to get ready and have a few drinks with my ladies…



31st December 2016
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